Operational Medicine is the healthcare provided in unconventional settings where important resources may be significantly restricted. These resources could include limited supplies, expertise, time, location, or climate extremes.

The Divide County Ambulance District has prepared for these settings by training and equipping EMTs and Paramedics from the ambulance service. Explore the full list below.

Wilderness medicine, providing “vital emergency care in remote settings”, is a rapidly evolving field and is of increasing importance as more people engage in hiking, climbing, kayaking and other potentially hazardous activities in the backcountry. In our response area, this training prepares us to access and treat patients in an austere environment.

We have EMTs and Paramedics trained and experienced in providing wilderness medicine.

In our response area, there is a large amount of hazardous materials, from oil to natural gas to radioactive materials. Our personnel specialize in providing medical care to those involved in the incident in all phases and zones of the incident.

We have prepared for a hazardous materials incident by training our EMTs and Paramedics in the specialty of HazMat. Currently, we have 1 HazMat Technician and 2 HazMat Operations personnel.

While many hear tactical medicine and think of military medics or SWAT teams, tactical medicine is diverse and includes care of canine officers, response to active shooters, and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) events. While rare in our response area, we have prepared by training our personnel on a variety of topics, including medical preplanning, response to bombing incidents, and more. Our personnel often support our area law enforcement in warrant services, pursuits, and other events in which the likelyhood of injury is increased.

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